What a journey we have had in our 40 years of owning Morgan horses. We thought we were done breeding morgan horses after our original stallion "Roycan's ColeBeam" (Whispering High Beam x W-A-W Coles Coquette) died at the age of 31.  BUT Sherri Wilson posted a photo of her foal out of Sirius Black x Boot Scootin' Boogie when he was only 12 hours old. Everything in me said you need to have that foal. Of course I tried shutting off my brain but instead starting researching his bloodlines. What did I find but bloodlines I always wanted to have and cross with some of our original bloodlines. I thought ok settle down you are crazy to start breeding morgans again! But always a horsewoman I put an offer on him when he was 24 hours old!  Now 5 months later and we've been trying to keep the secret until he arrives but the excitement has taken over so I'm starting to post.

Researching his bloodlines has been so interesting. A lot of these lines and the people that handled these horses are no longer with us so we need to record the history and tell the history of these amazing bloodlines.

UVM Promise what a lot of history has been gathered on him. Thanks to Anthony Steven Pierce and Steven Epperson (who handled this wonderful stallion and who's parent's owned him) I have been able to find lots of stories on UVM Promise. Mom and I visited University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm in 1980 and what an experience that was.

Both bloodlines from the Sire (Sirius Black) to dam (Boot Scootin'Boogie) are incredible!

He arrived at Roycan Country Haven, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.  Dec 20, 2020