What a journey we have had in our 40+ years of owning Morgan horses. We thought we were done breeding morgan horses after our original stallion

"Roycan's ColeBeam" (Whispering High Beam x W-A-W Coles Coquette) died at the age of 31. 

BUT as I've told the grandkids life is worth living so grandma is going to continue to raise Morgans!

At this moment we are waiting to see how Roycan JC Duke develops and also our new arrival Roycan King Cole

Update May 2022: Both Duke and Cole are growing and developing. Duke is starting to learn more groundwork. He's a very intelligent colt. It doesn't take him long to understand

what you want and then he has it. He doesn't seem to forget what he's learned.

Cole, well he's into everything. We've allowed Posh and Cole to graze in our Obstacle Course and I have seen Cole just about investigate everything out there.

Not afraid of very much. He loves to greet people at the fence line, but he's going to check you out first.

Our yard now has green grass the horses are loving the green pastures. We're still working on breeding through AI. That will continue till the first part of June and then we

will wait for breeding with DUKE next year.