We have been MORGAN horse breeders for over 40 years. I visited the University of Vermont Morgan Horse facility when I was 21 yr old and

was totally sold on Morgans after that.  We bred and showed our morgans in Western Canada and US.  Our farm name has always been

"ROYCAN".  We've continued to use morgans in our Equine Personal Wellness Programs.


Roycan Sir William "Will"  He is the last offspring of our stallion "Roycan's Colebeam" who died at age 31.

He does have quite a personality and very focused on your energy levels and loves to always be the center of attention.

I must admit he might be my favorite....


We've had Leo for alot of years. He came from Alberta, Canada. He's only 14.1 but is willing to go slow or fast

depending on the client. He loves working in our EPW programs. If your energy levels are high he will match you

and will bring his energy level down as soon as you do. He loves liberty work and never gets tired.


Gryffin is our only non-morgan horses. But we love him. He originally came from Alberta and is broke to

ride. He has an interesting personality. If your energy levels are high or if you have the attitude "I can not

do this" Gryffin will just stand there and look at you. He is always a great horse to use in our EPW programs.

My grandkids love him. Very quiet.

"JEWELS" 13 yr old 1/4 HORSE MARE

This mare is our 2nd level of lesson horse. We have spent that last year doing re-hab on her. She is so gentle and loves attention.

M&M IMMORTAL MIRANDA 17 yr old Morgan Mare  (Rum Brook Immortal Image x Moonmist Latonya)

Miranda is the mother to Roycan Irish Annie. She is part of our riding program for beginners.

"Roycan Irish Annie"  Born May 2019 Morgan Filly