Equine Personal Wellness Programs

    Our horses are the "Healers". They are amazing animals who have the ability to mirror your emotions, sense your emotions and then comfort you.

    Part of our exercises is for you to learn more about yourself, your energy levels, letting go of your "Ego", listening to your inner wisdom and learning

    how to activate your intuition.

    We offer Private Riding sessions from March-June and Sept-Dec. These are scheduled 1 hr weekly sessions for 8 wks. Students from age 6-12 must

    have an adult participating in the sessions. (Cost is $400 plus GST)

    There are two group workshops that we offer in the Spring and Fall that is spent working with the horses on the ground for 4 hours understanding

    your personal energy, emotions etc. and then someone is picked for a treatment with the horses. The dates for 2017   Sat Oct 14/17.

    Limited numbers of 4 people only for these group workshop (unless arrangements have been made)  Book early to confirm your spot. $50.00 pre-paid.